||| Sonixee for iPhone

Sonixee is smart-energy music player that automatically organizes your music by energy/mood. Play your own music faster and smarter!

Four energy levels provide fast and easy access to music for sleeping, relaxing, upbeat situations and power surging! You can also create your own mix station or select from additional Smart Mixes.

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||| Emoji Player for iPhone

Get your Emoji on! Create Emoji Music Mixes. A fast, fun, funky way to play your music! Colorful, innovative programmable music player gives you fast, fun and easy access to your music. Create Emoji Mix stations and access them with a tap.

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Mojoz (Special Edition) "Andi Blake & The Superkrew" | iPhone App
Discover your musical Mojoz and help support the development of a new Superdude and Superkrew!

Proceeds from the Mojoz app
(and all of our iPhone apps)
help support the development of
Ekalbee Van Klampen's
new Comedy/Adventure/Superdude film:
"Andi Blake and The Superkrew!"

Mojoz is a fun music mix creator app that uses advanced on-device logic to analyze the sonic properties of your music and determine your musical traits or Mojoz. Your six most dominant traits are then used as a seed to create your Mojoz mixes. Mojoz works with music on your device, including music downloaded from your Apple Music subscription.

The Special Edition includes two mixes based on the musical traits and tastes of Andi & The Superkrew.

• Butterfly = Andi Blake Mix (Songs Andi would enjoy.)
• Monkey = Superkrew Mix (Songs the Supercrew enjoy.)

"The Animalia Trilogy: Andi Blake & The Superkrew" ©2017 Ekalbee Van Klampen. All rights reserved. Additional info contact Ekalbee at Mojoz app ©2017 Veenix, LLC.